Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday tips: 2

Practical, up-to-date advice for book marketers. Got a tip to share? Email me. Events: The holiday season is fast approaching so it’s an excellent time of year to try craft or gift fairs. Author Marc Vun Kannon writes, “I decided to try craft and gift fairs about 2 years ago… They have the advantage that you can enter just by paying the fee, in an environment where people are there looking for things to buy.” Inspiration: Author Shauna Singh Baldwin’s new website. Clean, easy to navigate and with the information there to intrigue about her books. Media: Get an article or a short story published, and convention is that you’ll get a short plug for your book at the end. Crime writers: take a look at Shotsmag. A good listing of short story markets internationally at Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau.


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