Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday round-up

The weekly editorial round-up. This week has been exciting for me. Firstly checking the site traffic every day and seeing people actually visiting this blog! If they are visiting, hopefully they are reading. And I know some are reading because the other exciting thing is that I've had emails every day, from authors mostly, but also a couple from book publicists. Firstly I'd like to say, thanks for all the positive feedback. Secondly, don't be shy about posting comments here. It's only a blog. Less people read it than the letters page of your local newspaper, and the people reading it are authors like you. I’ve blogged the next 2 installments in the series Rules. The two rules are related. Firstly that marketing savvy authors must define their audience, and secondly that to reach their audience most effectively they need to get to know them. This Sunday's interview was Yvonne Eve Walus who is from New Zealand but published with a small US publisher yet she's been succesfully marketing her novel. I've got some great author interviews lined up for coming Sundays and I'm determined to get interviews from authors around the world and across genres. Keep sending me your feedback.


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