Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rule 6: Gift horses

The marketing savvy author accepts all the help they can get. Unless you are superman / woman you are going to need it! Rather than moaning about how little marketing support your publisher may be giving you, take any help they’ll provide. Be proactive and go and meet the publicity manager. One way of lifting yourself from being just a name in the long list is to become one of the authors she personally knows. If it’s difficult to physically meet than build up a relationship over the telephone or email. Remember that successful relationships are two-way streets. Feed back to your publicist what’s worked and what hasn’t. This is valuable information which might help her with other authors. Your friends and family want your book to succeed. They also want to part of your dream. So when they ask you if you need any help, thank them immediately and give them some book promotion to do. And that’s not all. You might find its effective to engage your own publicist. Other authors, especially ones in your genre, may offer you help and advice. And keep your eyes and ears open for that chance meeting at a party, when the person you've just met says that they have a friend who might help you… i.e. network, and don’t forget to return your favours.


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