Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday tips: 3

Practical up-to-date advice for book marketers. Got a tip to share? Email me. Direct marketing: Send out details of your book / your next book with your Christmas cards this year. Materials: Good advice on what you might include in your author press kit from Mitchel Whitington. I’ll just add to this, keep it short and put your press kit online. My co-alter ego Jennifer Lindsay’s online press kit is here. Press: Wherever you live, anything you do which is in the slightest bit beyond the ordinary is deemed of potential interest to other local people by your local press. If you only have time to make one press contact, get to know someone at your local newspaper. He could be a reporter or features editor, or another journalist interested in books and authors. If you can, meet them and keep up the relationship by making sure you send them all your press releases, or even your news informally via email. It’s great to know that you can get in your local paper when you need to. e.g. for when you have a local book signing coming up.


At 11/24/2005 11:39:00 am, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

My writing group had the local newspaper editor as a speaker, and he was very encouraging on the idea of authors contacting his publication. Though he couldn't guarantee coverage, he said it was worth a go - sending a review copy, press release, whatever. The local newspapers are always looking for some sort of a story.

Come the day, I'd have no qualms about sending copies to local newspapers, whether it's a novel or (more likely for me) a non-fiction tome. Even though said tome will be covering other areas besides Yorkshire; at least I am a locally living author. I would obviously 'large up' the local information for marketing! There's also a large regional newspaper (Yorkshire Post) and that'll be getting review copies too. I'll also be compiling a list of magazines to contact. It goes without saying I'll be contacting those organisations within the remit of the publication. Marketing is essential.


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