Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday tips: 6

Practical up-to-date advice for book marketers. Got a tip to share? Email me. Amazon: Author Connect could become an incredible author marketing vehicle,” Mike Nothum speculates about Amazon’s latest new service for authors. I’d say he could be right. This is definitely one to watch. Planning: New year’s marketing resolutions - did you make any? If not, why not? Alison Brennan makes a good point about readers being the ultimate purchase decision makers. What can you do in 2006 to reach new readers, or reach your readers in new ways? Jot down the three things you're going to try out for your author marketing in 2006 and pin it on your wall. Promotion: Could you take a leaf out of Stephan King's book and promote via text message? Textually.org reports that Stephan King’s new novel, Cell, is to be marketed in the US via 100,000 text messages.