Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Questions for Kate: How do I get my book published?

An occasional column for when someone asks me an interesting question. How do I get my book published? is probably the single most unanswered question from unpublished book writers. I've received several emails from unpublished writers asking for advice related to marketing your book to editors and agents (rather than marketing your book to book buyers and readers - the real subject of this blog). While I feel that to go into detail here and now would be off-topic, I know how it feels to chasing publication and only getting in return rejection letters. I have notes from a workshop I put together on the subject. Called 'Strategies and Tactics for Slushpile Mountaineers' it deals with how to professionally prepare and submit your fiction manuscript for consideration to publishers and agents. If you would like a copy of these notes, please email me. Tuesday tips will return in the new year.


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