Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday tips: 4

Practical up-to-date advice for book marketers. Got a tip to share? Email me. Materials: Not got author business cards? Check out the free business card offer from Vistaprint (US) and Vistaprint (UK). Beware that Vistaprint free cards come with their advertising on the back. If you want something more professional, business cards are not expensive to get printed by a local printer or other online retailer. Media: Have you considered having a blog, or getting involved in a blog? Setting up your own blog can be free (money – not time-wise!). Most blogs are hosted with providers www.blogspot.com (free) or www.typepad.com (30 day free trial). PR: Don't forget in your marketing planning that getting your books into libraries could be a good thing! Not only in terms of any lending right money it might bring you - UK: Public Lending Right; Canada: Public Lending Right Commission; Australia: Lending Right - but in terms of creating awareness.


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