Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rule 8: Who are you?

Most authors who approach me for publicity help, even if they are already published, are still labouring in the misapprehension that it’s all about the book. Yes, the book is important - to a degree - but what is going to sell it from a publicity point-of-view can very likely be enhanced, perhaps significantly, by you the author. If an author is not willing to 'tart themselves around a bit', then my heart sinks as it’s going to make my job of book promotion all the harder. Authors, like well-cellared wine, have a mystique. Make the most of it, like Harold Pinter did in his Nobel prize acceptance speech yesterday. You’ve got a synopsis of your book, and a blurb. You also need an author synopsis (your author bio) and a 50-word short version that show how you are different from the thousands of other authors out there. You need to define the key selling points of you, the author. What is it you bring to your book(s) which is unique? They say that dogs are often reflections of their owners. Your books will be perceived (quite rightly) as a reflection of you. Here’s my unique points, and their sub-texts: a) I’m young and enthusiastic --> aka you’ll see that pace and energy in my stories b) I have a sense of humour --> aka this is a story you’re going to enjoy because I write for entertainment purposes c) I’m obsessed by history --> aka my books might be historical romance but I have an honours degree in History from a prestigious UK university and I take my research seriously Can you list yours?


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